IMG_9664Rav Johnny Solomon is a passionate Torah learner, a reflective Torah thinker and an energetic Torah teacher. Originally from London, Johnny has a BSc (Hons) in Math & Religious Studies, an MA in Jewish Education, and semicha from the Montefiore Kollel (London). Beyond this, Johnny has been a participant in the Lookstein Fellowships for Senior Jewish Educators (Lookstein Centre, Bar Ilan), the Shalom Hartman Tichon Programme for Senior Jewish Educators (Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem), the Ashdown Fellowships for Senior Jewish Educators, and the Reshut Rabim Beit Midrash (Yaakov Herzog College). While in London, Johnny held numerous senior positions including Head of Judaic Studies at Immanuel College (London) and Head of Judaic Studies at Hasmonean Girls’ School (London). In 2012 Rav Johnny made aliya with his family, and he divides his time between teaching Tanach, Halacha & Jewish Thought at Machon Ma’ayan and at Midreshet Torat Chesed, while also working as a Jewish Education Consultant to numerous institutions.

2 thoughts on “ABOUT ‘RAV JOHNNY’

  1. Hi Rabbi- I was fortunate enough to read your sermon which mentioned the miraculous performance by Pires of a Mozart concerto.
    Even an old died in the wool atheist can be moved by a proper sermon given by a Rabbi with a lot of heart.
    I did want to call your attention to the proper designation of the piece. It’s the K. 466. K is for Ludwig von Koechel, I think that’s the right spelling, an old cataloguer of Mozart’s works. Not 467. And not number 466, he didn’t write that many.
    The miracle of her performance is like the miracle of creation, in its accuracy, it’s precision, this, not that. The precarious miracle of the Higgs field, which even with it’s exquisite balance, could come shivering apocalyptically down into chaos at any and every moment. ” Every hair, is hair of the head, numbered.” Hopkins.
    So, anyway, the right detail for you to access the next time you reach out with your beautiful thoughts and speech.

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