SICHOT AL AHAVA V’PACHAD (‘Conversations on Love and Fear’) by Sharon Shalom. (Yediot Acharonot, 2018) Imagine a book, written by a wise, insightful and emotionally intelligent Jewish philosopher with a flair for poetic language, that explores the richness and complexity of Jewish identity, heritage and observance in the modern state of Israel. Imagine that instead of avoiding … More SICHOT AL AHAVA V’PACHAD

Review Essay: And Beit Hillel Says (U’Beit Hillel Omrim)

And Beit Hillel Says (U’Beit Hillel Omrim): Halakhic Rulings of the Rabbis and Rabbaniot of Beit Hillel (Yedioth Ahronoth/Chemed Books, 2018) Introduction December 2018 saw the launch of U’Beit Hillel Omrim (literally ‘And Beit Hillel Says’), which is a collection of halakhic rulings generated by members of the Beit Hillel organisation. Beit Hillel is an organisation … More Review Essay: And Beit Hillel Says (U’Beit Hillel Omrim)