Among my many interests is the intersection between Jewish education and technology.

Both as a teacher and curriculum consultant, I have harnessed technology for the teaching of Judaic Studies, and while working as a consultant to Jewish Interactive, I helped develop a number of apps that are currently being used by teachers and students across the globe.

More recently, I have become fascinated in the way in which young people use smartphones, which is why I used the opportunity of researching and writing my MA dissertation to read all the literature on the subject and explore how Yeshiva and Seminary students negotiate the challenges and opportunities afforded by smartphone technology (nb. to download my study, click here.)

Since then I have started a facebook group called SmartChinuch with Dr. Aviva Goldstein where the latest research is presented and discussed, where contemporary challenges are raised and addressed, and where networks of parents, teachers, administrators and thought leaders can engage with each other and with the complexities of raising children in the age of the device.

If you are interested in me delivering a workshop, seminar or lecture to your school and community on this topic, please email me at