JCP Between 2008-2010 I worked as a Curriculum Team Leader at JCP – the Jewish Curriculum Partnership, a joint project between the UJIA and the United Synagogue.

My responsibility was the oversee the writing and production of curricular resources, as well as provide appropriate professional development programmes.

During this time we produced a range of resources to support the learning of Chumash and Kashrut for pupils in Years 7 & 8. Please click on the links below to view sample pages. For further details, please contact

Unit 7.1 (Adam & Chavah) – sample

Unit 7.2 (Kayin & Hevel) – sample

Unit 7.3 (Noach & Avraham) – sample

Unit 7.4 (Yaakov, Rachel & Leah) – sample

Unit 8.1 (Slaves & Masters) – sample

Unit 8.2 (The journey from Egypt) – sample

Unit 8.3 (What defines us as a people) – sample

At the same time, whilst at the JCP I provided guidance for the Religious Studies A-Level programme, culminating in an A-Level conference for over 200 teachers and pupils. Click here for the conference handbook.

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