Q&A: Why can’t women count as a minyan?

Q&A: Do women say Kaddish?

Q&A: Can women recite Devarim Shebikedusha?

Q&A: How many candles should a single girl light?

Q&A: If my Mom heats up food on Shabbat, can I eat it?

Q&A: What should you do when there is a conflict between following halacha and shalom bayit?

Q&A: What is wrong with swimming on Shabbat?

Q&A: Wearables on Shabbat

Q&A: Can you squeeze a (lavender) scented stress-ball on Shabbat?

Q&A: Are women obligated to eat Seudat Shlishit?

Q&A: What are ‘gebrokts’ and why do some people avoid eating ‘gebrokts’ on Pesach?

Q&A: What does the בס׳ד that we write at the top of our pages mean?


Q&A: Is our obsession to pray at the Kotel a form of idolatry?

Q&A: What is the Oral Torah? Why are we supposed to follow rules that have not been dictated straight from G-d?

Q&A: Are we bound by the laws of the Shulkhan Arukh, and if so, why do we ignore some of them?

Q&A: What are the laws concerning eating in non-kosher restaurants? Is it permitted to eat in a non-supervised vegetarian restaurant?  

Q&A: Why do most Rabbis have beards and what are the laws regarding men using electric shavers?

Q&A: What is the Sefardi custom concerning the length of time one should recite Kaddish?


Q&A: Can a female spy sleep with the enemy in order to save her people?

Q&A: May I hug my aunt during a shiva call?

Q&A: What does somebody do if they feel they have to sin?

Q&A: According to the Jewish laws of modesty, what parts of a woman’s body must be covered, and is it obligatory for women to wear tights?

Q&A: Must a married woman cover all her hair, or can some hair remain exposed?

Q&A: Questions relating to Kol Isha


Q&A: How can owning an iPhone make someone halakhically illegitimate (Pasul L’Eidut)?


Q&A: How can the Torah record events that occurred after the Torah was given?

Q&A: How can the Torah permit a father to sell his daughter (Shemot 21:7-11)?

One thought on “QUESTIONS & ANSWERS

  1. I love the articles I have read so far. My know what to answer class is going to sound brilliant next year (I guess the whole Bshem Omro thing will have to kick in eventually)

    One idea to ad to your women and minyan idea (although you touched on it) .My rebbe once suggested that men by nature do not need social settings, they are happy being alone and not communication. There are tons of examples of this. For example two guys can watch a basketball game for two hours, not say a word to each other an be perfectly happy. In fact they would be happy watching it alone.

    Women are more social in nature thy need to be together. This is why if a girl has not heard from her best friend in two days something must be wrong. This is also why Adam was created first (whatever that means) The woman, chava , needed a companion.. This is why it say”LO tov Hadam..” because the woman already knew this.

    So along comes minyan for men why? Becasue without it they would never get together to form a klal. it is not in their nature. they need this format to actually have a united, achdut experience.

    The one flaw in this maybe the idea of gadol metzuve veosie but I think it is still a nice idea)

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