Below are links to Divrei Torah, articles and classroom resources relating to each of the Sidrot listed.  Please click on the title to access the resource:


Ayin Tovah and Ayin Ra’ah (PPT)*

Every moment counts (DOC)*

Making sense of the census (DOC)*

Students like children (DOC)*

You can count on the Jews (DOC)*


Start a parent on the right way (PPT)*

Blessing those who bless you (DOC)*

Refuseniks (DOC)*

Shalom Bayit (DOC)*

Smile for the camera (DOC)*


When a good time doesn’t change a bad attitude (PPT)*

Bee-ha’alotecha (DOC)*

Picture perfect (DOC)*

Verses about nurses (DOC)*

Second chances (DOC)*

The candles that bind us together (DOC)*

Us and them (Hebrew)


It’s the small things (PPT)*

A time to cry (DOC)*

Dough! (DOC)*

Peers and Beers (DOC)*

The small things count (DOC)*

Thinking positive and being positive (DOC)*


On and on and on and on… (PPT)*

How we speak about our leaders (DOC)*

Preaching to the converted (DOC)*

Simply the best (DOC)*

Either friendship or death (DOC)*

Did one man sin? – Sources (PDF)***, Shiur notes (DOC)***


Holy cow (PPT)*

All are responsible (DOC)*

Long term benefits (DOC)*

Parahdox (DOC)*

Valuing the mitzvot (DOC)*

The remedy from within the malady (DOC)*

The additional place names (DOC)*


A nation that rises (DOC)*

Learning to reflect (PPT)*

Learning to reflect (DOC)*

Big Brother (DOC)*

Tmobile (DOC)*

Along with the Moabites (DOC)*


How to deal with tragedies – Sermon (DOC)*

Who should inherit? (PPT)*

Who should inherit? (DOC)*

The ideal teacher (DOC)*

No leader is an island (DOC)*

Poem on Parshat Pinchas based on commentary of Rav Hirsch (DOC)**

Sheep who have no shepherd (DOC)*

What we do with our lives (DOC)*


We need our Dayanim – Sermon (DOC)*

Labels and Ladles (DOC)*

Rebuke and respect (DOC)*

Avoid suspicious behaviour (DOC)*


The journey of life (PPT)*

Our life journey (DOC)*

Order! Order! (DOC)*

What is worse – Idolatry or Idolaters? (PPT)*

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