Below are links to Divrei Torah, articles and classroom resources relating to each of the Sidrot listed.  Please click on the title to access the resource:


Appreciating what we have (PPT)*

The book of the generations of Adam (DOC)*

Finding Gan Eden (DOC)**

Chumrot (DOC)**

Permitting the forbidden or forbidding the permitted (DOC)**

The clothes that make the man (DOC)**

Why they had to be leather (DOC)**


The power of prayer (PPT)*

Noach – living as a prayer (PDF)***

Noach’s pet birds (PPT)*

Keeping pets & space travel (DOC)**

The ark experience – Jewish Chronicle (DOC)*

Changing the future (DOC)*

Knowing when to cry (DOC)*

Modesty lost in translation (DOC)**

Noach – Living as a prayer (DOC)***

Life was better in the (d)ark ages (DOC)*


Learning how to deal with money from Avraham Avinu (PPT)*

Would winning the lottery change your life? (PPT)*

Inviting G-d into our conflicts – Source sheet (PDF)***

Let G-d Judge (DOC)**

Was Ibn Ezra a heretic? – Source sheets (PDF)***

Changing belief into Emunah (DOC)*

Changing names changes people (DOC)**

Pull & Push (DOC)**

The art of Jewish living (DOC)***


Silence speaks volumes – Lesson handouts about the Akeidah (PDF)**

When in Rome (DOC)**

Lying for Peace (DOC)**

Spiritual strength and physical weakness (DOC)*

How to become great; how to become ourselves (PDF)**

Seeing the God in others (DOC)*


Learning from Sarah Imeinu how to live a full Jewish life (PDF)***

Love – Sermon (DOC)*

Choosing Chesed (PPT)*

Choosing Chesed (DOC)**

Vested interests (DOC)**

Advertising Chesed (PPT)*

Feeding animals first (DOC)**

Blessing G-d for HaKol (DOC)*

Pilagshim, Yudim and Midrashim – Source sheet (PDF)***

Seven Year Itch (DOC)*

Learning from Sarah Imeinu how to live a full Jewish life (DOC)***


How good can we be? (PPT)*

Praising the actions  (DOC)*

Differentiation (DOC)**

False Piety (DOC)*

The two faces of Esav (PDF)***

Having the right role models (DOC)**

How could Yaakov lie? (DOC)*

The courage to think as we feel (DOC)*


Thanking Hashem (PDF)***

When is stealing not OK? (PPT)*

Right intention, wrong action (DOC)**

The rise and fall of angels (DOC)**

We don’t mix smachot (DOC)**

The Torah of Shem & Ever (DOC)**

Angels aren’t team players (DOC)*

Keeping the Aliya dream alive while living outside of Israel (Sermon)

Why we face Jerusalem in Prayer (DOC)**


The groaning pains of parenting (PDF)***

Flattery will get you nowhere!!! (PPT)*

Flattery will get you nowhere (DOC)**

Hide & seek (DOC)**

Children going before their parents (DOC)*

Dressing up to pray (PPT)*

On the third day (DOC)**

Lessons for life from the death of Eden Attias (DOC)*

What the angel looked like (DOC)*


I have a dream – Sermon (DOC)*

Happy Birthday! (PPT)*

Birthdays (DOC)**

Bearing bad news – Source sheet (PDF)**

Bearing bad news (DOC)**

Yosef’s two dreams & Chanukah’s two themes (PDF)**


How long can we remember? (DOC)**

Decisions of life and death (DOC)**

Making memories (DOC)**


Lessons about Near Death Experiences – Source sheet (PDF)***

Yaakov’s near death experience (DOC)**

Business class (DOC)*

Yaakov did not take the wagons (DOC)**


Parents live on through their children – Jewish Chronicle (DOC)*

Honouring parents (DOC)**

Honouring the dead (DOC)*

On the third day (DOC)**

Shivah & learning from before Matan Torah (DOC)**

Be like fish (DOC)*

Fulfilling the wish of a dying person (PDF)***

Wild thing (DOC)*

Our unique traits (DOC)*

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