Below are links to Divrei Torah, articles and classroom resources relating to each of the Sidrot listed.  Please click on the title to access the resource:


Which stars should we look up to? (PPT)*

Moral Dilemma’s in Parshat Shemot (PDF)*

Encouraging leadership (DOC)*

How we should pray to God (DOC)**


Frog(s) (PPT)*

Busy bodies (DOC)*

Hakarat Hatov (DOC)*

Learning what not to do from Pharoh – Sermon (DOC)*

True hearing (DOC)**

The wrong place to pray (DOC)**


Young and Old (PPT)*

Break a leg (DOC)**

Prioritising our children (DOC)*

The value of questioning (DOC)**

Value the Talmud (DOC)*

Who comes first – old or young? (DOC)**


Knowing when to act and knowing what to say (PPT)*

The value of Erev Shabbat (DOC)**

The value of Erev Shabbat – short (DOC)*

Stand by me (DOC)*

The power of a promise (DOC)*


Honouring parents as honouring G-d (PPT)*

Respecting Torah and its Sages (DOC)**

The humanity behind Jewish law (DOC)*


Burning through firewalls (DOC)*

Chazak UBarukh (DOC)**

Knowing who our soulmate is (DOC)**

What makes a Chazakah? (DOC)**


Who lives in the Mishkan and where can we find it? (PPT)*

The Cherubim of our generation (DOC)**

We can be Cherubim (DOC)*

Don’t forget passport, toothbrush & Torah (DOC)*

Golden limits (DOC)*

Good as Gold (DOC)**

Helping to unburden others (DOC)**


Yichus Atzmi & Torah Study – Source sheets (PDF)***, Shiur notes (DOC)**

Ring before the King (DOC)**

Pure Torah (DOC)*

Chacham Lev – Barmitzvah Dvar Torah (DOC)*

Splendour and beauty – Barmitzvah Dvar Torah (DOC)*


Erasing God’s name (DOC)**

Erasing God’s name – short (DOC)*

Lecture notes (DOC)*

The peace movement (DOC)*

Hearing the call (DOC)*


The Oscars and the Mishkan – Sermon (DOC)*

Friday night and Shalom Bayit (DOC)**

The purpose of a plaque (DOC)*

Teaching is a work of art (DOC)*


Carpe Dium (PPT)*

The value of spontaneity (DOC)**

The presence of God (DOC)*

Moshe’s blessing (DOC)**

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