Below are links to Divrei Torah, articles and classroom resources relating to each of the Sidrot listed.  Please click on the title to access the resource:


When to speak and when to stay silent (PDF)*

Hashem is our spiritual bodyguard – ‘Sermon’ (DOC)*

Finding the sweetness within (DOC)*

For the sake of Heaven (DOC)*

Returning what you have stolen (DOC)**

The preserving character of Jewish education (DOC)*


To study is to keep (PPT)*

To study is to keep (DOC)**

United Nation (DOC)*


Ruling in front of our teachers (DOC)**

Greeting mourners and the value of silence (DOC)**

True chessed (DOC)*


Adam’s sin (DOC)*

How we use our mouth (DOC)*

The responsibilities of religious leaders (DOC)*


Oneg & Nega (DOC)*

Woe to his neighbour (DOC)*


Fate and the four sons (DOC)*

National lottery & individual choice (DOC)*


Endangering one life to save another (PPT)*

Endangering life to save life (DOC)**

Risk assessment (DOC)*

The collective creates our holiness (DOC)*

How to achieve holiness – Sermon (DOC)*

The Jewish view on Omens (DOC)**


Making G-d proud (PPT)*

Grave error (DOC)**

The yichus of the Mekallel (DOC)**

You can’t pick your family (DOC)*

Torah as a guide for life (DOC)*

Yom Haatzmaut (DOC)*

Public relations (DOC)*

Talking about God (DOC)*

Connecting the Jewish festivals – Source sheet (PDF)**


Supporting the needy – Sermon (DOC)*

Very interesting (DOC)**

Blind eyes & deaf ears (DOC)*

You must hold onto him (DOC)*


Stop! (PPT)*

Stop running (DOC)*

Drinking responsibly (DOC)*

Hitting children and swords of peace (DOC)**

Collective responsibility (DOC)*

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