Over the years I have delivered hundreds of shiurim. Here is just a short list of some of them:


  • What Shehecheyanu teaches us about contemporary trends in Orthodoxy
  • Responsa & Rabbinic decision-making in our digital, post-modern, world
  • How the Torah is often used as a defence for things that the Torah finds indefensible
  • Orthodox perspectives on Transgender
  • Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Cars & Jewish Law
  • Rupture, Reconstruction, and modern attitudes to halakha


  • Educating the smartphone generation
  • Is there a mitzvah of Chinuch, and if so, does it ever end?
  • Maintaining our religious identity in a secular society
  • Reflections on Jewish Education in a post-Churban era


  • Why we face Jerusalem in prayer
  • The 13 Principles of Prayer
  • The story of Rabbi Shlomo Goren and his attempt to unify Jewish liturgy
  • What custom should you follow when you were brought up without customs?


  • The blessing on building new communities in Israel
  • Birkat Shehecheyanu on Yom Ha’atzmaut
  • IDF Agunot and the Battle over the War Get
  • Fate Or Faith? Philosophical reflections on modern conversion controversies


  • How to write an Ethical will and why every parent should
  • The growing pains upon the death of a teacher
  • Sefer Devarim as the ultimate Mussar Sefer


  • The halachic stringencies & spiritual opportunities of the Asseret Yemei Teshuva
  • Avoiding spiritual numbness by maintaining spiritual awareness
  • Is consistency a virtue?
  • The stress-free month of Adar